What is MCDVoice?

MCDVOICE: McDonald’s is one of the famous and reputed food chain of restaurants which covers the majority part of the world. They try their best to make their customers satisfy from there food and maintain their reputed image. So, it’s your duty too, to review their services and give feedback about how they are performing and what can they do to make it better?

To make this easy for you, McDonald’s service management has introduced a customer satisfaction survey like Marshallsfeedback survey 2020 .

The main reason to introduce this survey is to identify unsatisfied customers. McDVoice is the survey program by McDonald’s to collect some feedback from their loyal and happy customers. Their priority is to make their customers feel happy after having food and services so that customers feel fully satisfied and happy after stepping out of McDonald’s.

MCDVoice Survey

The survey is designed to understand what the customers want, what are there needs and how they can satisfy their customers experience from the outlet. It is the medium where the customers can share their views, comments, and suggestions with the service management team of McDonald’s.

This survey is conducted by McDonald’s on www.McDVoice.com

This MCDVoice survey helps in –

  • To identify unhappy customers.
  • To know about their mistakes.
  • Get to know about what their

customers want from them.

  • Reviews of the customer of what

They like and appreciate about the outlet.

  • It helps the outlet to improve

It doesn’t matter what you say it can be negative or positive. You only have to give honest feedback and suggestions. McDonald’s will happily accept it and work on it. So, that you can happily appreciate their efforts whenever you visit there an outlet for the next time.

How to Participate in MCDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are specific steps you need to follow to take part in MCDVoice survey. Read them carefully to avoid any type of problems and mistakes. It will help you to complete the survey in a maximum 2-3 minutes.

There are not any complicated or confusing questions so it will not take your time.

Here are some steps in detail –

  1. Good network – Keep a phone with a good internet connection so it will let you complete the survey in proper time and without any problems.
  2. Official site – Now go to the search bar and search for the official website that is www.McDVoice.com click on the link to avoid confusions.
  3. Instructions – Have a look at available instructions to avoid any confusion.
  4. Language – Select the language you are comfortable with.
  5. Details – Now, you need to enter the information that is on your McDonald’s purchase receipt. This will take you directly to the feedback survey.

Details like – * McDonald’s store number which you have visited

  • Now, You have to mention the KS number printed on the receipt.
  • You will be asked to enter the order and amount spent by You at the McDonald’s outlet
  • The date of visit and time of visit the McDonald’s store.

Once you are done and entered all the correct details your information will be confirmed and checked and then you will be taken to the questionnaire page where you have to answer the questions.

MCDVoice Con

The questions will be asked according to your experience within the McDonald’s visit. The questions will be related to your experience at the restaurant and you have to give your honest ratings for every question.

A question like – a) About the service

  1. b) How was the food
  2. c) About the staff
  3. d) About your experience there
  4. e) Hygiene of the outlet
  5. f) Factors you notice there
  6. g) Advice for the outlet
  7. h) Variety of items

7>You have to answer the questions honestly. It doesn’t matter what you say what you advise them it can be negative or positive. They will surely try to improve the outlet to make you happy next time you visit.

8> When you will receive the validation code that means you have completed the survey successfully. Use that code to redeem the special offer printed on your McDonald’s receipt.

There are some rules and regulations which you have to read carefully to complete the survey easily.

Let’s take a look now.

  1. First of all, you should have a smartphone to access the McDVoice survey.
  2. Good internet connection will help you to give the survey easily.
  3. McDonald’s survey has only two languages that are English and Spanish so, you must be able to read one of them.
  4. There is one condition that if you are working at McDonald’s than you are not allowed to give a survey.
  5. You must have a receipt which should be valid. You can not give the survey unless you have that receipt. The coupon is valid for 7 days only.

When a customer provides feedback to McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey, they give them a lucky chance for winning a special coupon. I am sure that nobody wants to miss the golden chance

Do you want to know about your benefits?

Now, this is exciting, right? Yes! Customers are also rewarded for giving their feedback

– When you give them advice, then they will try to work on it. You will get better services in next visit.

– You get a free coupon.


If you are the customer of McDonald’s fast restaurants then you should not miss McDVoice at www.McDVoice.com Survey. The survey may take around 2-3 minutes, we highly recommend you to take the survey.

So now that you have learned all the information about the MCDVoice survey and finish your survey as soon as possible. Who knows that you can be the winner? To check latest updates about all the survey, sweepstakes & credit cards login visit our Lavanyad website or bookmark for future updates.

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